企业新闻 | 2020-12-03

Internet search is a lucrative business — just ask Google. The company accounts for two-thirds of desktop searches in the US. But change is afoot this year. Microsoft and Yahoo, numbers two and three in US search, could revisit their search agreement with each other. Yahoo’s market share in this field has risen (now 13 per cent, ComScore says) after it became the default for Mozilla Firefox. Meanwhile Google’s exclusive search deal with Apple’s Safari browser is up for grabs; UBS estimates that the Safari deal could drive nearly $8bn in sales for Google this year. So 2015 could become the year of the search wars.互联网搜寻是一项有利可图的业务——只需问问谷歌(Google)就告诉了。该公司占到美国台式电脑搜寻的三分之二。但今年,这样领域正在筹划一场变革。



因此,2015年可能会沦为搜寻大战之年。This all matters more for Yahoo than for most of its rivals. Search will be a crucial part of the company after its stake in Alibaba is spun out. Its search agreement with Microsoft accounted for 35 per cent of revenues last year.这一切对于雅虎,比对于它的大多数竞争对手更为重要。



But that agreement with Microsoft has had its drawbacks. Under the 2009 deal, which covers desktop usage, Yahoo-branded searches essentially distribute Bing results. Microsoft controls the search algorithm and handles ad sales, taking a 12 per cent fee. Disappointing sales have led Yahoo to consider ending the deal. Chief executive Marissa Mayer said in the January earnings call that discussions were under way. The agreement allows Yahoo to wriggle out after five years if certain targets are not met. The window for renegotiation expires this week. Otherwise the agreement will stay in force for another five years.但与微软公司的那份协议也不存在一些有利之处。根据2009年的这份协议,雅虎品牌的搜寻所列的主要是合于(Bing)的搜寻结果。该协议涵括了在台式机上的用于。

微软公司掌控搜索算法并管理广告销售额,借此提取12%的分为。令人沮丧的销售额造成雅虎考虑到中止该协议。在今年1月的盈利电话会议上,雅虎首席执行官玛丽萨迈耶(Marissa Mayer)回应,谈判正在展开之中。该协议规定,假如5年后某些目标没超过,雅虎可以解散。


新的谈判的机会在本周届满。否则,该协议将一段情5年。But the bigger battle may be over mobile search. This has posed a challenge for search operators. Users do not engage with mobile search as deeply as with desktop, so advertisers are unwilling to pay as much for ads. Google has tried to address this with its Android operating system. Yahoo has built mobile search through acquisitions such as Aviate, an app with Yahoo search. But without full control over its search offerings and ad sales — across all formats — success in search could be an uphill battle for Yahoo.但更加最重要的战役有可能在移动搜寻领域。这对搜寻运营商包含了挑战。